Learning and Linking at Lincoln

19 Jan

On Friday 20th January, I will be working at Lincoln University, helping colleagues with their HEA applications: my main workshop resources will be the grid grid-2015-11-1-2.docx (63 downloads)  and my slides:  UKPSF-recognition-slides-2015-w.pptx (200 downloads)

My aim is to help  staff in the Business School at all levels to prepare applications to become Associate Fellows, Fellows, Senior Fellows and Principal Fellows of the Higher Education Academy, including staff who teach face-to-face and at a distance. It will be really nice to be back in Lincoln again after  a gap of several years. 

Calling all actual and aspiring National Teaching Fellows!

19 Jan

On Thursday 19 January I am meeting with Association of National Teaching Fellows colleagues to help to plan our symposium, open to NTFS colleagues and friends, on Teaching Excellence: Building Bridges, which takes place on Wednesday 10th May at Leeds Beckett University in the Rosebowl building. It serves to help our community foster excellence beyond ANTF membership. This event will enable NTFs both to showcase the excellent practice that helped us gain our awards in the first place, and to give our non-NTF colleagues opportunities to present alongside us to build evidence of their own innovative practice which could be helpful for future NTF applications.  The day will provide participatory workshops, as well as NTF-led keynotes and panels as well as a session for aspiring NTFs, helping colleagues to think through how best to make their own cases for recognition.

We will be calling for submissions for this event in March within three strands:

  • Engaging students in building excellent practice in universities;
  • Developing creative excellence within and beyond the classroom;
  • Energising excellence in employability and skills development.

The delegate rate for this event to include coffee, tea and buffet lunch is again £80.

Please book for the May event Teaching Excellence: Building Bridges here

ANTF Symposium: Teaching Excellence – Building Bridges – https://my.heacademy.ac.uk/events/book-event/?eventid=8f3d42b7-e999-e611-b1f7-00505689cc9e


Energising assessment and feedback in Edinburgh

13 Jan

As part of a suite of workshops for Edinburgh University, I am on Thursday 18th January working with colleagues in Art and Design at the Edinburgh College of Art, specifically looking at how to improve student satisfaction in relation to assessment and feedback in art and design, which is notoriously one of the most complex subject areas of evaluation. My slides are here:  Edinburgh-NSS-and-assessmentJan-2017-AD-w.pptx (47 downloads)
As a means of asking colleagues to think about criteria and assessment issues generally, I will be using the Biscuit game  (attached: Biscuit-game.docx (39 downloads) ) which I developed for Anglia Ruskin University’s ‘Anglia  Assessment Album’, a great open resource.
It was lovely having a holiday but I am really enjoying getting back into work!

Happy New Year to everyone

10 Jan

This week I was not due to travel, but made a late decision to go and see my mentees in Liverpool John Moores  University and to work with other colleagues there including  NTFs Sarah Nixon and Barbara Walsh. And next week I am back to workshops again, so I really am back in harness. But I took a proper break over Christmas and it did me the world of good. So nowadays my diary reads like Bridget Jones’ (number of calories consumed, minutes of exercise taken, number of words written etc per day). Keep up the good work!

Home for the holidays!

19 Dec

We’ve enjoyed a lovely weekend down in York for the panto, and at Leeds for our annual family Christmas get-together. The photo shows me with my sisters Pam (left) and Wendy (right) with one of my niece Bekki’s two Baftas showing on the mantlepiece behind us. Phil and I are now home until January, which we will really enjoy.
Over the holiday I will (with Kay Sambell and Linda)  be finishing our latest book, and writing a chapter for Tim Billham and colleagues who are editing another National Teaching Fellows’ volume, and also working on NTF activities.
There will also be time for Poppy’s Christmas crafting party, our street soirée with neighbours for mince pies and wine, and a sit down Christmas dinner for (I think) about 14 of us!
There will also be lots of reading for pleasure, writing for pleasure, playing with our grandchildren, eating, drinking and talking.
I do hope all colleagues and friends will equally be doing lovely things you enjoy over the holiday. Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year to all!

Learning, lights and loveliness in Luxembourg

28 Nov

I’m back again this week to Luxembourg where I will be working with colleagues on evaluating their own teaching (slides here Eval-own-teaching-Luxembourg-2016w.pptx (76 downloads) ) and helping people work on HEA Fellowship applications (grid and slides here: grid-2015-11-1.docx (160 downloads) UKPSF-recognition-slides-2015-w.pptx (200 downloads) .  No doubt it will be nice and cold in Luxembourg and I hope to get into  the festive  spirit by popping down one evening to see the Christmas market for which the city is famous.  (Actually, with the grandchildren we seem to have been  building up to Christmas for some time!)

This is my last trip away for work before  January (although I hope to be bringing the writing of my book with Kay Sambell and Linda Graham for Palgrave on professionalizing higher education to some kind of glorious fruition before New Year’s Eve!)   So  I  would like to wish all my colleagues and friends a really joyous Christmas and a peaceful and positive New Year!

Shaping up in Sheffield

15 Nov

This week I am again working with Sheffield University on helping their academic staff on teaching contracts to think about writing and publishing. This Wednesday we have a really crucial session thinking about what makes a journal article attractive to publishers so that colleagues can target their submissions effectively. The handout is here:  teSS-Scholarship-Circle-Session-2-w.docx (89 downloads)

Enlivening Assessment at Liverpool John Moores

8 Nov

This week I am again working at Liverpool John Moores University helping colleagues improve publications opportunities and also working strategically across the Sports Studies, Leisure and Hospitality Faculty to improve assessment and feedback. ( see materials here: Checklist-of-the-8-steps-4-good-assessment-and-feedback-practice-w.docx (70 downloads) Assessment-captains-w.docx (63 downloads) checklist-grid-w.docx (60 downloads) Improving-Module-guides-w.docx (59 downloads) ).

And then it’s back down to Neath to see those rapidly growing baby twins. We are delighted to say they are making excellent progress and are now four months old!

Autumnal Networking, Nurturing and Nice people

3 Nov

This week finds Phil and I at the SEDA conference in Brighton, which is our key network for keeping ourselves up-to-date professionally. This is the organisation that nurtured us through the last two decades of our working careers, and indeed was the way we first met. We celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary last week in Budapest.

Today I will be running a workshop with Shan Wareing of London SouthBank University on fostering effective dialogue between educational developers and leaders of learning and teaching in universities. Together we have created seven scenarios of such interaction of which we will be role-playing two, and asking our participants to try out in pairs at least one, prior to a plenary discussion of the key issues.
We hope that the resource will be useful to colleagues beyond the university, and therefore we are making our resources available here. Brighton2016-Shan-and-Sally-handout.doc (76 downloads) If you do use them, please let us know how you did and what you used them for.

Beetling off to Budapest

24 Oct

This week Phil and I are honoured to have been invited to present at the EuroCHRIE conference in Budapest: we have both enjoyed working with these European Hospitality, Tourism and Events experts in the past in Leeds and Amsterdam, so  we jumped at the chance to network with them again in Hungary. It’s really important for our own CPD to keep up-to-date about learning, teaching and assessment developments in diverse subject areas, and so we will be participating extensively (although  we do plan to make use of at least one the famous thermal spas while we are there).

We are giving linked keynotes, so our slides are here (now including the slides Phil actually used – slightly different to previous version):   Budapest-4w.pptx (72 downloads)

And when we come back it is straight into monster mayhem on Sunday 30th when we host a Halloween party for our grandchildren and friends. Sounds scary to me!