Kay Sambell and Sally Brown: Covid-19 Assessment Collection

This page collects together the various posts and downloads published on this website since March 2020, about how university assessment may be adjusted and reimagined in the context of the pandemic affecting much of the world. We posted them on our websites so they would be immediately accessible and usable.  However, some people told us they found it difficult to locate the papers and downloads on different posts so here they are, arranged with the latest first, and new entries are planned to be entered as we develop further thoughts and advice.

Published on 17th September: Compassionate assessment post-Covid19: improving assessment long term: There are lots of questions to answer about how we can make assessment more compassionate for both staff and students and in this keynote for QAA Scotland, drawing on the work of Kay Sambell and me over the summer I attempt to answer some of them. (Scroll down to start recording)  https://www.enhancementthemes.ac.uk/evidence-for-enhancement/student-engagement-and-demographics/student-mental-wellbeing
Published on 9th September 2020: Energising Enterprising Educators Here are the slides Kay Sambell and I presented a keynote at the International Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Conference online on the topic of ‘Making assessment future fit: ensuring authentic assessment approaches in the light of Coronavirus changes to HE practice. Enterprise-conf-Sept-2020-SBKS.pptx (63 downloads) .Our key messages were that assessment must be authentic if it is to be fit-for-purpose, and that now is the best chance in our working lifetimes to change assessment for the better, having had to make rapid changes in the pandemic.  We must never revert to the bad old ways again.. This version is the non-narrated version.
Published on 25th August: 2020 To showcase some of the work Kay and I have been doing on designing better assessment post COVID-19, here’s a PowerPoint presentation that I presented on the 25th of August to Hong Kong Education University: Hong-Kong-keynote-Aug-2020-w.pptx (118 downloads)

Published on 21st August: 2020 ‘Changing assessment for good: a major opportunity for educational developers’ Our next item proposes that the current Covid crisis has provided opportunities for Educational and Academic Developers to undertake radical change management to improve assessment long-term, and that it is our duty to do so. SEDA-special-post-covid-assessment-aug15-w-1.docx (70 downloads)

Published on 17th August: 2020 ‘Writing better assignments in the the Post-Covid19 era: approaches to good task design’ Writing-better-assignments-in-the-post-Covid19-era.docx (235 downloads) This item in the postcovid assessment collection is an approach to writing more authentic assessments when we are replacing traditional exams long term. It can seem hard work to create new assignments from scratch that are authentic, challenging and engaging for students, so this approach tries to break down the task into its component elements to make  the job easier to tackle. We particularly look forward to feedback from users of our approach if you find it useful personally or use it in workshops with colleagues.

Published on 1st June, 2020:  ‘The  changing landscape of assessment: some possible replacements for unseen time-constrained face-to-face invigilated exams’ is a paper in which we argue that some of the alternatives that universities have put in place for the coronavirus  contingency should be made permanent, and that we should use this as an opportunity to make some radical and substantial reconfigurations to assessment in the future to make it more authentic. A particular feature is the comparison table where we explore the pros and cons of diverse assessments that can be done virtually. Download the paper here: The-changing-landscape-I-June-w.docx (837 downloads)

Published on 2nd April 2020: ‘Fifty tips for replacements for time-constrained, invigilated on-site exams’ explores moving from invigilated exams to students sitting written assessments online from home. Download the paper here: Kay-Sambell-Sally-Brown-Coronavirus-Contingency-Suggestions-for-replacing-on-site-exams-w.docx (1069 downloads)

On the 13th of March 2020, early in the pandemic, as universities in the UK were closing normal campus operations, we put together some suggestions about some alternative forms of assessment which could be employed: ‘Contingency-planning: exploring rapid alternatives to face-to-face assessment’. Download our paper here: Contingency-planning-exploring-rapid-alternatives-to-face-to-face-assessment-w.docx (1468 downloads)