​Compass collegiality: South West, North West, North and then North East

16 Sep

Super week this week! I’m off to Harper Adams to work with the wonderful new NTF Lydia Arnold by contributing to Learning and Teaching Conference alongside Liz Thomas and Yaz el Hakim as well as many excellent-looking internal workshop, (see my workshop slides here: Retention-Harper-Adams-w1.pptx (37 downloads) )

Then up to Preston to meet Duncan Cross and then up again to Edinburgh, meeting Kay Sambell in Carlisle en route, to help them celebrate their two NTFs Mark Huxham and Michelle O’Reilly and to talk about long term planning for  future NTFs.

It will be great to see lots of old friends and colleagues and work productively with them at all points of the compass.

Convivial co-working at Cumberland Lodge

9 Sep

It’s been a glorious summer of sunshine, writing, grandchildren, travelling down the Rhine from Switzerland to Germany, seeing friends, blasting through the Edinburgh Festival, and attending the Enterprise Educators Conference in Leeds last week, as well as an AdvanceHE networking event in York for institutional supporters of NTF applicants.
We’ve also been  preparing for the next academic year, so Phil and I are delighted to be kicking this off with an NTF-organised Writing Residential at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park on Tuesday the 11th and Wednesday, the 12th of September.
We have prepared lots of slides, which are here,  Cumberland-Lodge-writing-2018-w.pptx (36 downloads) and will also be offering one-to-one support to delegates at the residential.

It’s great to be back in harness doing the kind of work we both really enjoy: Happy New Academic Year!

Trundling towards term-time and TACIT Tips and Guides

19 Aug

Over the summer Phil and I have been working with Marese Bermingham of Cork Institute of Technology on guides for use there with their lecturing and student support staff. In due course, these will be made open access resources, following on from the examples of OER work on assessment and feedback produced by Margaret Price, Erica Morris and me at Anglia Ruskin University, (which we are grateful to Sharon Waller for sharing).  see https://www.anglia.ac.uk/anglia-learning-and-teaching/good-teaching-practice-and-innovation/assessment-and-feedback/anglia-assessment-album and at Edinburgh Napier University (thanks to Kay Sambell) see https://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/dlte/ENhance/Pages/ENhanceQuickGuides.aspx

The Cork IT resources aren’t going to cover assessment, (as everyone can use the ARU and Napier OERs) but instead are a suite of Teaching and Assessment at Cork IT (TACIT) guides and TACIT Tips, as well as an updated version of In at the Deep End (originally produced by Phil at Leeds Beckett University).

For the time being, I thought you might like to see the TACIT guide on Giving your first ever lecture or conference presentation. If you like it, feel free to modify it for your own university and college staff (thanks Marese) and let me know if you think there are improvements we could make before it goes in to hard copy production. You can download it here:  TACIT-guide-First-ever-lecture-w.docx (142 downloads)

Assessment matters for medical, science and health colleagues in Manchester

9 Jul

In this last workshop away from home this academic year I am looking forward to working with colleagues on Wednesday 11th at Manchester University in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health as well as ​colleagues  from the Division of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Care​ on ‘Assessment and feedback for the twenty first century’ and the slides I will be using are here:  AssessFeedbackManchester11th-July-2018-w.pptx (91 downloads) The handout for the biscuit game is here:  Biscuit-game-Anglia-Assessment-Album-w.docx (142 downloads)

Over the next six weeks I will be enjoying some holiday, grand parenting  and also writing some resources for Cork IT in Ireland as well as working with Kay Sambell on our new book on International Perspectives on assessment. I hope if you are getting some holiday too, you have a nice break or otherwise have an enjoyable and productive summer!

Sensational Sunny Summer Surge

2 Jul

What a week we had last week! The University of Cumbria organised Assessment in Higher Education Conference was excellent, and it was great after that to move on with colleagues from the UK and the US to have a 36-hour Anglo-American Assessment Summit at the fabulous Oulton Hall, in marvellous weather. We achieved so much in such a short time and there are plans for plenty of follow-up activities.

This week I am continuing with my summer surge, heading to Amsterdam tomorrow night, for a conference at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, which is all about improving the experience of students through assessment and other areas of curriculum work. My slides are here:  Amsterdam-day-July-w.pptx (79 downloads)

Then on Thursday and Friday, Phil and I will again be leading a Writing for Publication residential at York, for Leeds Beckett University. We have been doing this for some years and what is really encouraging is how many participants tell us they publish as a result.

The scorching sunshine and the sunny ambience this week is really helping  as well!

Numerous National Teaching Fellows, and me

24 Jun

I’ve got lots going on this week, including a keynote on Promoting Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at Nottingham Trent University on Tuesday 26th, as well as a strategic meeting, and workshop on Getting published about Learning and Teaching. thanks very much to National Teaching Fellow Jane McNeil for inviting me to join in what looks like being a really interesting programme Both sets of slides are here: Nottingham-Trent-SoTL-June-2018-w.pptx (63 downloads)   GetPublishedNottingham-Trent-w.pptx (61 downloads)
On Wednesday Phil and I will travel via Leeds where I will be meeting with National Teaching Fellow Ruth Pickford, Then on to Manchester for the always thought-provoking Assessment in Higher Education Conference where I will be presenting on International Perspectives on Higher Education Assessment again with another National Teaching fellow Kay Sambell. Our Slides are here:  AHE-2018-International-MancFTLD.pptx (59 downloads)

Then on Thursday night I will be travelling across to Oulton Hall in Yorkshire with a contingent of 20 UK and US assessment experts for 36 hour invitational seminar where we will be unpicking the differences and similarities between American and British perspectives on assessment, with a view to future collaborations and publications.

We will be tweeting from the event and invite colleagues to join us between 6.30 and 7 pm on Friday 29th  on the hashtag #AngloUsAssessSummit in response to the following three questions

  1. ​​What differences have you noticed between the way Americans and British people talk about assessment?
  2. Do you think there are key structural differences between the ways in which we work on assessment, or are our principles very similar?
  3. Can you identify any literature, research or projects that would be particularly helpful; to either US or UK colleagues or both (and why do you say that?)

Do join in if you are free at that time. Lots of National Teaching Fellows will be taking part including Fabio D’Arico, Kay Sambell, Margaret Price, Peter Hartley, Naomi Winston, Tansy Jessop, Susan Orr, Mark Schofield, Phil Race and me! Thanks so much to Keston Fulcher and Nick Curtis of James Maddison University for involving me in making the arrangements for this. I won’t be using PowerPoint presentations here save a handout here, but of course we will be playing the biscuit game, and I am confident that outputs will be plentiful!

All this and the weather looks promising too!

Leading Inclusive Learning in Lincoln

19 Jun

Travelling down on Wednesday 20th June to the City of Lincoln. On Thursday Phil and I are looking forward to presenting at the Lincoln International Business School Teaching and Learning Conference. The theme of the day is inclusive curriculum access, autonomy and authenticity.
My keynote is on inclusive curriculum design delivery and assessment and is designed to support Dr Debbie Lock’s leadership on implementing inclusivity across the whole university My slides (without these videos) are here:  Inclusive-design-delivery-and-assessment-Lincoln-w.pptx (65 downloads)

Innovation, Inspiration and International Inquiry

5 Jun

After our Irish adventures last week, we’ve had a couple of days to catch our breath and I’m now ready to do a keynote on Thursday 7th June for the British Psychological Society in Birmingham at their teaching and learning conference on Inspiring Teaching. It’s wonderful to revisit the influencers who have impacted on the UK sector and wider, and are continuing to do so. You might recognise some of the faces! The slides are here:  Inspiring-teaching-BPS-June-2018-w.pptx (74 downloads)
And on Friday 8th June one of the highspots of my academic year is going to the Solstice Conference at Edge Hill University where I always learn so much and I’m looking forward to presenting with Kay Sambell on International Perspectives on Assessment. We’ve still got loads to learn in this area but our knowledge base is growing thanks to our global contacts. The slides for this presentation are here: International-Solstice-June-2018-w.pptx (71 downloads)
So plenty going on this summer but still time to celebrate the joys of life!

Joined up Thinking, Journeys and Joy

27 May

After a lovely time down in Brighton (Hove actually) last week, after a 12 hour turnaround we set off to Dublin on Sunday morning for a series of workshops in Ireland for the Crannog Project, which is looking to advance middle management leadership in learning and teaching. The workshops will take place in Dublin, Limerick and Galway. On Friday in Galway (at NUI, Galway, not at the IT as the slides first posted suggested – updated ones here) in the afternoon I’m also leading a workshop on ‘enhancing assessment and feedback’. Both sets of slides are here!   Irish-Crannog-project-May-2018-w.pptx (82 downloads)    AssessFeedbackGalway-June-2018-w.pptx (77 downloads)   Biscuit-game-Anglia-Assessment-Album-w.docx (142 downloads)

Picture shows those there at the start of the final workshop above:

And next week is another exciting week, I’m keynoting at the British Psychological Society Conference in Birmingham on ‘inspiring teaching’ and then heading off for the fabulous Solstice Conference which is Edge Hill University Annual Interactive Learning and Teaching Fest, at which Phil and I are both presenting. Slides for these events will follow next week.
And if you are able to enjoy any of this lovely sunshine, do so with joy!

Crumbs! It time for cookies in Cork

13 May

This week Phil and I are working at Cork IT as part of a programme of activity enhancing  learning  and teaching. Phil is doing a masterclass on making learning happen and I am doing one on assessment. My slides are here:  AssessFeedbackCorkIT-May-2018-w.pptx (78 downloads) I will again be using the biscuit game to illustrate how we can develop assessment literacy: see here:  Biscuit-game-Anglia-Assessment-Album-w.docx (142 downloads)
It’s great to be back in Cork again: on Sunday before we started working we had a train trip  down to Cobh as illustrated here.  
On Wednesday I am visiting Edinburgh Napier University again as part of the work I’m doing with Kay Sambell and I’m very much looking forward to meeting up again with colleagues from Pachua University.

Then joyously at the end of the week we are off to see our glorious granddaughters in Neath. What a lovely work life balance we have.