Workload, wheelchair, writing and wider horizon

7 Jun

It’s been ages since I last updated this website, but I haven’t been idle!
I’ve worked with Kay Sambell on authentic assessment for University of Wisconsin Madison, USA, in Ireland at Mary Immaculate College and Dublin Technical University plus for their Quality and Qualifications Agency,  for the Hong Kong Baptist University,  the University of Utrecht, and in various UK universities including in person events in Universities of Durham,  East London, Bolton and Cumbria.
But output has been slowed by a broken leg and various other medical setbacks, with magnificent care from family and friends so it’s delightful to be up and running again. Of course, Phil and I have been slowed down in writing our 6th Edition of ‘The Lecturers Toolkit’ for Routledge, but we are still aiming to finish it this summer.
This June, as well as working at the Lancaster campus of University of Cumbria, we are contributing to organising the Assessment in Higher Education conference 20-21 June in Manchester , we are also off later in the month to Berlin as part of a panel for University of Wisconsin Madison’s international conference.
At AHE I will be doing a session on turning your assessment research and practice outcomes into publishable outputs and will be using these resources I am happy to share more widely here. I’ve published quite a bit over recent decades as the above photo helps to illustrate, so I hope you find them useful.