Ceasing drudgery, Continuing fun things and Celebrating life

23 Oct

To celebrate thirty years since my nurturing professional organisation, the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) was founded, (and having been in some form of educational development or other for even longer) I have written a short blog for them on what elements of work and academic citizenship I still undertake, and what I’ve stopped doing (and why). It’s been a funny old year, recovering from a hip replacements and other operations, so I’ve been hors de combat for several months and therefore in a position to re-evaluate what I still enjoy doing and what I never want to go anywhere near again. It’s been an interesting act of self-reflection,  that I thought I might share by posting the summary table here:
If it helps readers re-evaluate their working lives too, it will have served its purpose.
Meanwhile on the home front I am back to full on cooking and baking (although not yet lifting heavy jam pans), shouting at the news, reading fiction for 2 bookgroups, going to the cinema and theatre, supporting our local foodbank organised by CIC Justice Prince and volunteering at our grandchildren’s primary school. It’s not a bad life!