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​Gadding about, Grandchildren and Glitter

10 Dec

This week my pre-Christmas peregrinations take me to Leeds Business School to support colleagues working (mainly) with Masters Students before setting off to take a suitcase full of presents down to Molly and Chloe, our  twin granddaughters in Wales (expect an outbreak of sleighbells and glitter).

I’m particularly concentrating at the Leeds session on thinking about how assessment can be made fit-for-purpose  and productive of learning while aligning with professional body requirements in a highly internationalized context. My slides are here:  Leeds-AssessFeedbackDec12-w.pptx (41 downloads)

Festive Feedback Forays (1) with Phil

5 Dec

Today I’ve been working with Phil at the University of Manchester helping the School of Social Sciences and later in the day the Economics Department think about Assessment for Learning, particularly formative feedback and feed-forward. I am then travelling tomorrow via Preston to the South to examine a PhD on a related topic, which has really made me think. The slides we used today are here: AssessFeedbackManchester-w.pptx (81 downloads)
This weekend, more festivities, when we take the grandchildren and other assorted relatives to see Northern Stage’s Christmas production on ‘A Christmas Carol’, and on Sunday we’re hosting drinks and mince pies for our neighbours.
Then there are two more assessment and feedback related workshops before Christmas, one at Leeds University Business School and the other at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, slides for which will appear here in due course.
After that, it’s jingle all the way ….!

Fellowship, Feedback and Fun

22 Nov

Phil and I are just commencing a block of work at Queen Mary University London supporting Max Addo and colleagues in increasing the take up of HEA Fellowship applications and supporting their whole-institutional drive to improve assessment and feedback.
Here is a Word file of the diagram showing the relationship between the various kinds of HEA Fellowship which we used yesterday, to help colleagues prepare to apply for HEA Fellowships:  ukpsf-details-on-one-sheet-w.docx (103 downloads)
Here are the main slides that we used in our workshop on Assessment and Feedback today.  QMU-AssessFeedback-22-Nov2018-w.pptx (56 downloads) and here is a link to the Biscuit game which which we started the workshop:   Biscuit-game-Anglia-Assessment-Album-w.docx (220 downloads)
It was great to see Dianne Nutt, Jo Masterson, Suzannah Quinsee and others there on Wednesday working with the network of institutional leads supporting colleagues going for National Teaching Fellowships in 2019. Please also see the now-bookable series of events being organized by the Association of National Teaching Fellows nation-wide from mid January to early February to support those wanting to apply this coming year.

Energy, Excellence, Erudition , Enthusiasm and Excitement

5 Nov

Here starts the high energy fortnight during which on Wednesday, the 7th of November I am delighted to be helping Becky Huxley-Binns, Chrissi Nerantzi and Advance HE staff  to induct and celebrate the 2018 National Teaching Fellows in Edinburgh. Looks like being a glittering event and what a privilege to be invited and welcome new NTFs to the fabulous Fellowship of Fellows.
The next day I will be flying down on Thursday to Southampton to go to Bournemouth on Friday for the great delight of being awarded an honorary doctorate at Bournemouth University. ​ Another great privilege and cause for celebration.

And then after spending a weekend with Debbie Holley and Michelle Morgan there, it’s off to Hove on Sunday to see my son Matt, and then Phil and I  are flying to Venice on Monday to attend a conference on Wednesday and Thursday at Padua University, one of the oldest and most venerable universities in Europe, on assessment and feedback, jointly with Phil and Kay Sambell. Thanks so much to Anna Serbati and Valentina Grion  for inviting us: our draft joint slides are here.  Padua-2018-draft-slides-Phil-Race-Kay-Sambell-and-Sally-Brown-w.pptx (61 downloads)

Then back to the UK post haste to join the SEDA conference in Birmingham, where I will be running an interactive workshop on professional identities: again the slides are here:  SEDA-Prof-Identities-Sally-Brown-ww.pptx (67 downloads)

As you might imagine, packing for this marathon tour is providing some challenges, so I am sending a box Parcelforce to Birmingham with supplies for my workshop, which you can see here:

Steely Determination to Enhance Student Experiences

24 Oct

Today and tomorrow I am working at Luxembourg University at their fascinating new Esch Campus on the site of former steelworks. And I will be running a substantial programme of activity for staff assessment, feedback, inclusivity and international perspectives. The complete slides are here.  Luxembourg-Assessment-oct-2018-w.pptx (61 downloads) It’s great to be back in Luxembourg, discovering a new part of the country.

​Compass collegiality: South West, North West, North and then North East

16 Sep

Super week this week! I’m off to Harper Adams to work with the wonderful new NTF Lydia Arnold by contributing to Learning and Teaching Conference alongside Liz Thomas and Yaz el Hakim as well as many excellent-looking internal workshop, (see my workshop slides here: Retention-Harper-Adams-w1.pptx (86 downloads) )

Then up to Preston to meet Duncan Cross and then up again to Edinburgh, meeting Kay Sambell in Carlisle en route, to help them celebrate their two NTFs Mark Huxham and Michelle O’Reilly and to talk about long term planning for  future NTFs.

It will be great to see lots of old friends and colleagues and work productively with them at all points of the compass.

Convivial co-working at Cumberland Lodge

9 Sep

It’s been a glorious summer of sunshine, writing, grandchildren, travelling down the Rhine from Switzerland to Germany, seeing friends, blasting through the Edinburgh Festival, and attending the Enterprise Educators Conference in Leeds last week, as well as an AdvanceHE networking event in York for institutional supporters of NTF applicants.
We’ve also been  preparing for the next academic year, so Phil and I are delighted to be kicking this off with an NTF-organised Writing Residential at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park on Tuesday the 11th and Wednesday, the 12th of September.
We have prepared lots of slides, which are here,  Cumberland-Lodge-writing-2018-w.pptx (76 downloads) and will also be offering one-to-one support to delegates at the residential.

It’s great to be back in harness doing the kind of work we both really enjoy: Happy New Academic Year!

Trundling towards term-time and TACIT Tips and Guides

19 Aug

Over the summer Phil and I have been working with Marese Bermingham of Cork Institute of Technology on guides for use there with their lecturing and student support staff. In due course, these will be made open access resources, following on from the examples of OER work on assessment and feedback produced by Margaret Price, Erica Morris and me at Anglia Ruskin University, (which we are grateful to Sharon Waller for sharing).  see and at Edinburgh Napier University (thanks to Kay Sambell) see

The Cork IT resources aren’t going to cover assessment, (as everyone can use the ARU and Napier OERs) but instead are a suite of Teaching and Assessment at Cork IT (TACIT) guides and TACIT Tips, as well as an updated version of In at the Deep End (originally produced by Phil at Leeds Beckett University).

For the time being, I thought you might like to see the TACIT guide on Giving your first ever lecture or conference presentation. If you like it, feel free to modify it for your own university and college staff (thanks Marese) and let me know if you think there are improvements we could make before it goes in to hard copy production. You can download it here:  TACIT-guide-First-ever-lecture-w.docx (206 downloads)

Assessment matters for medical, science and health colleagues in Manchester

9 Jul

In this last workshop away from home this academic year I am looking forward to working with colleagues on Wednesday 11th at Manchester University in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health as well as ​colleagues  from the Division of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Care​ on ‘Assessment and feedback for the twenty first century’ and the slides I will be using are here:  AssessFeedbackManchester11th-July-2018-w.pptx (131 downloads) The handout for the biscuit game is here:  Biscuit-game-Anglia-Assessment-Album-w.docx (220 downloads)

Over the next six weeks I will be enjoying some holiday, grand parenting  and also writing some resources for Cork IT in Ireland as well as working with Kay Sambell on our new book on International Perspectives on assessment. I hope if you are getting some holiday too, you have a nice break or otherwise have an enjoyable and productive summer!

Sensational Sunny Summer Surge

2 Jul

What a week we had last week! The University of Cumbria organised Assessment in Higher Education Conference was excellent, and it was great after that to move on with colleagues from the UK and the US to have a 36-hour Anglo-American Assessment Summit at the fabulous Oulton Hall, in marvellous weather. We achieved so much in such a short time and there are plans for plenty of follow-up activities.

This week I am continuing with my summer surge, heading to Amsterdam tomorrow night, for a conference at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, which is all about improving the experience of students through assessment and other areas of curriculum work. My slides are here:  Amsterdam-day-July-w.pptx (118 downloads)

Then on Thursday and Friday, Phil and I will again be leading a Writing for Publication residential at York, for Leeds Beckett University. We have been doing this for some years and what is really encouraging is how many participants tell us they publish as a result.

The scorching sunshine and the sunny ambience this week is really helping  as well!