Another Authentic Assessment Array

3 May

In March, Kay Sambell and I provided in our Covid Collection of articles on how to undertake assessment better this year when we’ve all been dealing with the backwash of the pandemic. Here we post a second collection which we are terming, after the terminology of the Star Wars films, the Authentic assessment compendium: Episode Two – the saga continues!  This contains a plethora of further examples of good authentic assessment, fifteen which have followed our established format that has proved of value to lots of people globally plus six more which were sent to us in different formats, but we thought still merited sharing. Even during the editing of this collection, we have been receiving more suggestions so it is possible that, in due course, we may well put out a third collection, potentially entitled Authentic Assessment 3: the Innovative Approach that Strikes Back at Boring Traditional Assessment (or something snappier!) Do let us know if you are finding these useful. (Corrected versions of this download added from time to time)  Authentic-assessment-compendium-Epiosode-two-the-saga-continues-2-may-w2.docx (2380 downloads)