Excellent Examples Exemplifying Authentic Assessment in Practice

19 Mar

(Thanks to Jim Edwards:  jimedwardspaintings.com for allowing me to use this wonderful image of the Great North Run on the Tyne Bridge with the Red Arrows flying by in the presentations Kay Sambell and I do together).

In March, April and May, Kay Sambell and I are leading a whole series of workshops designed to support staff who have made the complex transition in the last year, once face-to-face on campus assessment was not possible. A whole range of approaches were adopted and adapted by academics globally not only to cope with the contingency but also to improve assessment long term by ensuring that assessment is fully part of learning. Through the articles and presentations in our Covid Collection, we have argued that we can’t ever go back to former ways of assessment and so we propose approaches that fully integrate assessment and feedback with learning, leading to improved outcomes for students. To support these workshops, we have collected together a compendium of brilliant lightly-fictionalized examples collected from National Teaching Fellows and others in the UK and internationally, of what such alternative assessments might look like in different subjects, based on the approach we describe in our paper on 17th August in the Covid collection on this website. Thanks to everyone who has helped us with this. Its first iteration is here,  Authentic-assessment-examples-compendium-w2.docx (3253 downloads) but we anticipate this will be added to over time as we encounter more similar super examples from different disciplines. Indeed, successive versions of this download are being added as corrections and additions are received – hence the change in ‘number of downloads’ field. Please note that example 3.2 was kindly provided by Thomas Broderick of Munster University of Technology.