Seeking to Celebrate and Recognise Teaching Excellence

15 Mar

On Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st March, Phil and I will be in Manchester at the event the Association of National Teaching Fellows is co-convening with the HEA to celebrate the impact of National Teaching Fellows and winners of the Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence and Global Teaching Excellence Awards. I will be helping to lead the NTF day and Chairing the ANTF AGM, but on day Two I will be co-presenting with Kay Sambell our emergent thinking on international perspectives on assessment and feedback. Our slides are here:  International-ANTF-symposium-March-2018-ww.pptx (420 downloads)
We are tackling a bold theme: is it possible to identify any particular assessment and feedback conventions, approaches, expectations and practices associated with different nations? I would be delighted to hear from colleagues who have thoughts on this area.
And then on Wednesday 22nd March Phil and I will be co-facilitating the next in our series of ANTF workshops to discuss this year’s National Teaching Fellowship Scheme  at Leeds Beckett University 1pm-3pm: the slides we will be using are here:  ANTF-presentation-w3.pptx (552 downloads)