Egging colleagues on to demonstrate Teaching Eggsellence

25 Mar

This week I will be facilitating the last two sessions for colleagues thinking about going for National Teaching Fellowship in 2018 or indeed subsequently, as well as for those who support them. On Wednesday morning  9.30-11.30, I will be at Anglia Ruskin University, so thanks to Sharon Waller for hosting us there, and on Wednesday afternoon I will be at City University 2pm-4pm  with thanks to Suzannah Quinsee for making this possible. The slides  I am using are here. ANTF-presentation-w3.pptx (569 downloads) Together with my ANTF colleagues, we will have then run 11 live events and two webinars notwithstanding blizzards causing the rescheduling of three of our sessions. After that, Phil and I are looking forward to hosting Easter egg hunt and Easter crafting party at our house on Friday afternoon before starting what we hope will be a peaceful and productive weekend, so we wish the same to you.