BrownyMcBrownface on UK tour

21 Apr

Today I’m back in Cambridge continuing work on ARU’s assessment resources project, and then down to Hove to see colleagues about publications and my son Matt.


Photo thanks to Charlotte Graham

Next week is insane! On Tuesday it’s Peterborough for a committee of National Teaching Fellows meeting, then off to Birmingham to keynote at The Association of UK Business Schools conference, then Sheffield on Thursday keynoting on authentic assessment for their enterprise conference and Friday at the University of Portsmouth again talking about assessment enterprise and employability. The main slides for these events are here: Aston-Bus-schools-confernce-April-2016-w.pptx (1395 downloads) Sheffield-Enterprise-April-2016-w.pptx (649 downloads)   Portsmouth-H2-influence-Enterprise-w.pptx (642 downloads) Portsmouth-Engagement-keynote-w.pptx (618 downloads) . And the next week I am working at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen and the week after, Edinburgh for the SEDA conference (Hoorah!)

I was asked yesterday who does my diary, and the simple answer is I do it myself hence the insanity. I am, after all, supposed to be semi retired!
But when somebody asked me this week to do 12 days in May and June I had to say I have no availability at all until September.
But I do keep Mondays and Tuesdays pretty much for fun with the grandchildren so that does provide good balance.