Learning, Lifetime ambitions, Linking good curriculum design and assessment, and (ultimately) Leisure

8 Jul

This week, after our hectic and extensive peregrinations over the last three weeks, I can now see the summer holidays within reach, but before that I have an exciting fortnight.

Firstly Phil and I (with Phil making guest appearances now that he is close to being retired) are working at the Royal Agricultural University on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 July, on Achieving HEA Fellowship and teaching small groups (the slides I will be using are here): UKPSF-recognition-slides-w5-July-2019.pptx (502 downloads) RAU-small-groups-w.pptx (435 downloads) and Phil will be running a session on ‘Making learning happen in large groups’ RAU-2019-w.pptx (476 downloads)

And then I am fulfilling a lifetime ambition of going to Wimbledon on Saturday to the Number One Court!​ I’m really hoping to see Mixed Doubles but will be happy with whatever I see.

After that, my last working day until the autumn is Friday 19th July at the Royal Veterinary University, where I am linking coherent curriculum design with fit-for-purpose assessment.

Then the holidays, with a little interesting desk work for Heriot Watt University! Let the good times roll!