Sunshine in Sheffield

22 May

On Thursday 25th of May I am working with the Computing Department at Sheffield University, helping them think about several aspects of assessment: my three PowerPoint presentations are here.  Authentic-assesment-Sheffield-25-may-2017-w.pptx (512 downloads) group-assessment-Sheffield-may-2017-w.ppt (450 downloads) Manageable-and-effective-assessment-Sheffield-May-2017-w.pptx (556 downloads)
In the afternoon I am working with PhD students and novice assessors on how to manage the process of becoming an effective assessor. I am using here a handout adapted from materials I created for Anglia Ruskin University as part of their Anglia Assessment Album.  This is a substantial project I’ve been working on for a couple of years with Margaret Price and Erica Morris, and together we believe we have produced some really useful open educational resources. The link is here:
My handout for the Sheffield workshop is here:  New-to-assessing-handout-for-Sheffield-25th-May2017-w.docx (489 downloads)
After a rather cool and damp spring I’m hoping for lovely weather for my day out in Yorkshire