Learning Enhancement in Luxembourg

30 Nov

This week Phil and  I are returning to Luxembourg University to run a suite of workshops.

Firstly I am helping colleagues across the university think about applying for HEA Fellowships and the slides and handout Phil and I use for these sessions are here:  UKPSF grid (736 downloads) , UKPSF slides (693 downloads) , Questions for PFHEA applicants (685 downloads) .

I am also running workshops on Programme Level Curriculum Design, Evaluating and Enhancing your own Teaching, and Using Annual Review for the Enhancement of the Student Experience, and the slides are here:  Annual Review case studies (591 downloads) , Evaluating and Enhancing Teaching (530 downloads) , Luxembourg Annual Review (731 downloads) , Luxembourg Curriculum Design (677 downloads) .

We are looking forward to a productive few days: thanks for Cassandra Mikicic for inviting us and making us feel so welcome..