Festive Feedback Forays (1) with Phil

5 Dec

Today I’ve been working with Phil at the University of Manchester helping the School of Social Sciences and later in the day the Economics Department think about Assessment for Learning, particularly formative feedback and feed-forward. I am then travelling tomorrow via Preston to the South to examine a PhD on a related topic, which has really made me think. The slides we used today are here: AssessFeedbackManchester-w.pptx (490 downloads)
This weekend, more festivities, when we take the grandchildren and other assorted relatives to see Northern Stage’s Christmas production on ‘A Christmas Carol’, and on Sunday we’re hosting drinks and mince pies for our neighbours.
Then there are two more assessment and feedback related workshops before Christmas, one at Leeds University Business School and the other at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, slides for which will appear here in due course.
After that, it’s jingle all the way ….!