Inspiration and aspirations at Imperial

13 Jun

After a hectic week last week around the UK and a delightful weekend celebrating Phil’s birthday and raising funds for the Singleton Hospital premature baby unit in Swansea, which saved our tiny granddaughters’ lives almost a year ago, I am on my travels again this week.

Learning Developers who are currently (or aspire to be) National Teaching Fellows are meeting this week at Imperial College London on Wednesday 14th June 2-4pm to discuss  the role of Learning Developers as a profession,  the special contributions that LDs can bring to the NTF community and how we can encourage LDs who are aspirant NTFs. We are particularly grateful both to Helen Webster of Newcastle University who is leading the event with me, and  to NTF Giskin Day who is generously supporting the ANTF by hosting this event at Imperial College. If there are any learning developers who want to join us at the last minute, drop me an email and I will fit you in if I can! Slides are here:  NTF-Learning-Devs-June2017-w.pptx (462 downloads)