Chances, Change, Chilling drama and Chile!

15 Jul

On Monday 14 July I was working again at South Bank University with colleagues applying for Principal Fellowships with the HEA and looking to maximise their  chances long term  of achieving National Teaching Fellowships South Bank (573 downloads) , UKPSF slides (570 downloads) UKPSF grid (490 downloads) . Then I travelled up last night to Milton Keynes to work today  with colleagues at the Open University on their New Models of Assessment and Tuition project. What an honour to be working with the OU on assessment as I cite them worldwide as  an organisation worth emulating for their systematic and holistic approaches to curriculum design, student support and assessment! The slides I used are here: OU Assessment Strategy slides (630 downloads)

And today we speculate on the implications of the cabinet reshuffle and  potential replacements for David Willets who in my view did some dreadful things particularly around the shift from Widening  Participation to Fair Access but at least cared deeply about higher education.

It’s an exciting week for us: last night on Channel 4, Utopia2 produced by my BAFTA-winning niece Bekki Wray Rogers (very proud!) was screened and on Thursday, Phil and I fly to Chile to work with the Catholic University of Santiago. Yippee !