Authentic Assessment Activities

25 Aug

Today it’s pouring with rain, almost biblical in proportions, but it’s been sunshine in the study where I’ve really enjoyed running a webinar for the Hong Kong Education University together with some colleagues from the Hong Kong Baptist University, on the topic of post-covid-19 assessment. The slides are here: Hong-Kong-keynote-Aug-2020-w.pptx (2039 downloads)

It was really interesting to have questions about setting convincing and secure science and maths open book exams, and on assessing group work in remote conditions, and the most joyous element was a language teaching colleague, Dr Jain, who described having changed her assessment techniques to more authentic ones with the result that the students performed much better. She was worried this might be a problem but I congratulated her and said it wasn’t surprising that better assignments lead to better performance. I look forward to working with colleagues in Hong Kong again in the future, alongside my partner-in-assessment Kay Sambell.