Assessment alternatives at a time of university closures

13 Mar

In the last week, Kay Sambell and I have been exploring what kinds of alternative assessments can be used by universities when face-to-face attendance for exams and other assessments isn’t possible.
I was very grateful to the #LTHEchat in adding to our work with very helpful comments via Thursday night’s additional tweetchat. Our preliminary guidance note is attached here: Contingency-planning-exploring-rapid-alternatives-to-face-to-face-assessment-w.docx (3700 downloads)
We are sharing it in the hope that it is useful to colleagues. Please regard it as an Open Resource that you are free to modify and share: it would probably be of most value to you if you cut and paste the bits that are useful, chuck out the bits that are not useful, customize your examples where you use different platforms from the ones we mention, add links to their specific guidance, and add in links to your own university’s regulations plus any specific contingency plans you have made.

If you have any suggestions about how to improve it further, please do let me know, and if you use it, it would be kind if you acknowledge us
Yours in the spirit of collegiality in a time of crisis.