Further Fellowship Fostering at QMU

20 Mar

This week I am again supporting open and one-to-one work at Queen Mary University London and the slides I will be using are here:  UKPSF-recognition-slides-w4-with-new-grid-slide-March-2019.pptx (447 downloads) .
I am also using the colourful diagram Phil and I developed UKPSF-grid-latest-March-2019.docx (570 downloads) as well as a link to the really useful AdvanceHE tool that helps people work out which category of Fellowship they should be aiming for, a paper version of which Phil developed for general use  Fellowship-tool-quiz.docx (563 downloads) .

It’s a real privilege to work with colleagues who are producing reflective accounts of their professional practice, and in so doing, learning a great deal myself about current innovative practice.