Q. Mary, Manchester University Midwives and St Michael’s hotel and spa

11 Feb

After a foul chest infection, this week sees me on my travels to QMU in support of their ambition to advance HEA Fellowships and then on to Manchester School of Health to work on Curriculum Refreshment with their School of Midwives. Phil’s and my ‘colourful diagram’ in support of HEA Fellowship at the different levels is here as a Word document, ukpsf-details-on-one-sheet-w.docx (586 downloads) as is a link to the useful AdvanceHE tool, https://www.advance-he.ac.uk/news-and-views/introducing-the-fellowship-category-tool    to help people decide which level to aim for. My Manchester slides are here too.  Manchester-Midwives-w.pptx (360 downloads)

But the week after that, don’t even think of asking me or Phil to do any tasks: we are off on our holidays to Devon and Cornwall with no work at all, seeing old friends and family, going to a wedding and lazing around in a spa by the sea!

After that, it’s full speed ahead again helping to finalize details for the NTF-led, open to everyone symposium in Birmingham:

“Supported by AdvanceHE, the event is very competitively-priced due to the generosity of BCU’s Vice-Chancellor, NTF Philip Plowden who is not charging NTF for the use of rooms on their campus. There is a full programme of workshops, plenaries and panels, including keynotes by Theo Gilbert, the Times Higher Innovative Teacher of 2018 on ‘Making a Difference though Compassionate Teaching’ and NTFs Haleh Morajev and Viv Rolfe in tandem on ‘Making a difference to students’ and staff wellbeing’.  A full day strand on day one led By Pauline Kneale, Jenny Winter and Ruth Pilkington is based on their HEA-funded project on Evaluating Teaching Impact, and the Friday morning offers an option for those aiming to achieve personal chairs led by the Professors in Preparation network.  The whole two-day event is £250, with reductions for day delegates and NTF/CATE winners.
The event is bookable via the AdvanceHE website   https://www.advance-he.ac.uk/node/813