TEF tiaras and tears

22 Jun

As we all digest the TEF outcomes and colleagues either celebrate (or weep) at the justice/injustice of the process, Phil and I thought this compact ‘TEF on a single sheet’ adapted from https://www.timeshighereducation.com/news/teaching-excellence-framework-tef-results-2017  might be handy.   TEF-table-4a.docx (493 downloads)
More detail and discussion is available elsewhere, particularly from Wonkhe (my go-to guide) and the Times Higher. It’s been fascinating to hear how the radio/tv spin it, largely focusing on the way that some elite universities have been ‘failing’ to demonstrate outstanding teaching (their verb) rather than celebrating some of the great universities we know and are associated with who have done well, or analysing whether the metrics really recognise and reward excellence in teaching ​ as opposed to anything else.  (Hint: they don’t!)