Autumnal Networking, Nurturing and Nice people

3 Nov

This week finds Phil and I at the SEDA conference in Brighton, which is our key network for keeping ourselves up-to-date professionally. This is the organisation that nurtured us through the last two decades of our working careers, and indeed was the way we first met. We celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary last week in Budapest.

Today I will be running a workshop with Shan Wareing of London SouthBank University on fostering effective dialogue between educational developers and leaders of learning and teaching in universities. Together we have created seven scenarios of such interaction of which we will be role-playing two, and asking our participants to try out in pairs at least one, prior to a plenary discussion of the key issues.
We hope that the resource will be useful to colleagues beyond the university, and therefore we are making our resources available here. Brighton2016-Shan-and-Sally-handout.doc (466 downloads) If you do use them, please let us know how you did and what you used them for.