3 Aug

Lovely summer days…making lots of jam with fruit from the garden…playing with grand daughter Poppy….. reading books……and ………writing a new book on assessment, learning and teaching in higher education (how did that happen?!). Contact me on if you are interested in contributing a good practice account.

And  then Edinburgh festival  for a high octane cultural fix…….

Then on 23 August off to the eAssessment conference in Dundee where I will be running a session on ‘What’s so special about eAssessment?’ Watch out for my Twitter feeds on the day @ProfSallyBrown.

Then September…. mostly on hand for the arrival of Poppy’s baby brother (Poppy says he is going to be called Rainbow Carpark!) and some trips to Plymouth, Birkbeck for the ‘Marked Improvement’ project forum, Anglia Ruskin University and  that’s about it!