Workshop & Consultancy Topics

Sally Brown, Independent consultant, Emeritus Professor Leeds Metropolitan University, Adjunct Professor, University of the Sunshine Coast, Visiting Professor, University of Plymouth

Consultancy and workshop topics 2011-12

Briefings for senior staff (normally around an hour, can be expanded to full workshops)

  • International trends in higher education
  • Effecting change in universities to improve the student experience

Assessment workshops (normally 2.5 hour or 3 hour sessions, can be combined into full days)

  • Streamlining assessment: giving feedback effectively and efficiently
  • Fit for purpose assessment: designing assessments to promote student learning
  • Assessing more students: ways of using productive assessment with large numbers
  • Assessing first year students well to promote retention
  • Making a difference through assessment
  • Assessing students at Masters level: some innovative approaches

General workshop topics (normally 2.5 hour or 3 hour sessions, can be combined into full days)

  • Enhancing the student experience: working to improve student satisfaction
  • Improving the first year experience
  • Retention and the student experience
  • Transformative learning in higher education
  • What does research tell us about assessment, learning and teaching
  • Recognising and rewarding excellence in assessment, learning and teaching
  • Diversity and engagement: working towards inclusive practice
  • Creative problem solving: using imaginative solutions to approach complex issues

Practical ‘how-to’ workshops (normally 2 or 2.5 hour sessions, ‘Getting published’ can be a full day)

  • Making your case as an excellent teacher (Teacher Fellowships)
  • Getting Published: a workshop to help novices get started in writing, particularly about learning and teaching
  • Bidding for funding for assessment, learning and teaching projects

Other consultancy services

  • Reviewing, revising and redrafting university strategies and documents (e.g. Teaching and Learning Strategies;)
  • Facilitating collaborative development of university strategies with whole teams