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Supporting South Bank University

24 Oct

I’ve been working today with colleagues at London South Bank University supporting colleagues thinking about applying for National Teaching Fellowships and going for  Principal Fellowships. The slides are here. South Bank (74), UKPSF slides (84)

A cause for celebration

22 Oct

I am celebrating today receiving the advance copy of my new book. I will be launching it at the SEDA conference on Thursday 13th November at 7pm. Do come along for wine and cakes if you are in the area. the NCTL Learning and Confernece Centrre, Nottingham.

In the background is an orchid I am also proud of, it’s in its fifth year of (2)

Assessing Group Work at ARU

17 Oct

Here are the slides I used in my workshop today at ARU on Assessing Group Work Fairly. ARU Group Work (7)

Animated about Assessment at Anglia Ruskin

17 Sep

Today Phil and I together with Kate Little of NUS, Berry Donovan of Oxford Brookes, Kay Sambell of Northumbria and Fabio d’Arico  of UEA are presenting at Anglia Ruskin’s Assessment Fiesta at their bucolic Chelmsford campus. My slides on group assessment are  here and the twitter hash tag is #LTAFiesta Small Groups (42)

Sally’s email addresses

9 Sep

At the moment there is disruption to the Leeds Met / Leeds Beckett email systems.

At the moment the leedsmet account still works at  and the leedsbeckett one below does not work 

In case of any problems, please use my webmail address  here 

Criteria, consensus and cats

29 Jul

participantsToday is our last day working in Chile before flying home to ( I hope) sunny England tomorrow.  Here are my today’s slides making a difference (102)  for my workshop on assessment where we will be talking all morning about making a difference through assessment. For those who did not win the booklet about assessment at Masters level, which was awarded as a prize for the best drawing of a cat, here is the booklet as a pdf file The Prize (68).

Thanks to Magdalena Jars and all the team for making us so welcome here. We’ve had a terrific time ! And on Thursday  if planes are on time we will see our grandchildren!

Choosing to change Assessment in Chile

28 Jul

photoToday is the conference keynote I am giving at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de
Chile. And here I am ready to present on ‘assessment for learning’   And here are my slides.

Assessment for Learning: Chile (102)

Here also is a link to the article in ‘El Mercurio’ today


Chilling with the chums in Chile

24 Jul

Today is my big day on our trip to Chile and I will be addressing the staff of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile on global perspectives in higher education. The slides to be used are here.  Chile Keynote (113) 700 people have registered so far and yesterday’s interview with the local paper El Mercurio involved an extended photo call. I could get used to this kind of life!
Phil’s workshop on ‘Making learning happen’ on Wednesday was very well received indeed. This is a university that takes learning and teaching very seriously as shown by the fact that they are the first university in Chile to require new teaching staff to take a learning and teaching programme so no wonder they loved Phil’s take on the HE world!

Further presentations and workshops on assessment follow on Monday and Tuesday before our return home on Wednesday.

Chances, Change, Chilling drama and Chile!

15 Jul

On Monday 14 July I was working again at South Bank University with colleagues applying for Principal Fellowships with the HEA and looking to maximise their  chances long term  of achieving National Teaching Fellowships South Bank (74), UKPSF slides (84) UKPSF grid (70). Then I travelled up last night to Milton Keynes to work today  with colleagues at the Open University on their New Models of Assessment and Tuition project. What an honour to be working with the OU on assessment as I cite them worldwide as  an organisation worth emulating for their systematic and holistic approaches to curriculum design, student support and assessment! The slides I used are here: OU Assessment Strategy slides (58)

And today we speculate on the implications of the cabinet reshuffle and  potential replacements for David Willets who in my view did some dreadful things particularly around the shift from Widening  Participation to Fair Access but at least cared deeply about higher education.

It’s an exciting week for us: last night on Channel 4, Utopia2 produced by my BAFTA-winning niece Bekki Wray Rogers (very proud!) was screened and on Thursday, Phil and I fly to Chile to work with the Catholic University of Santiago. Yippee !

Being Business-like in Nottingham

10 Jul

Today I am working with the senior staff of Nottingham Trent University whose senior staff have all committed to working on their UKPSF Principal Fellowships of the HEA. Today’s sessions are one-to-one follow-ups on the workshop held in June   Well done to the whole group for working so hard on their drafts.