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Inspired to Inspire

23 Nov

After a brilliant and inspiring time at the SEDA conference last week in Cardiff, I am immediately booking onto the SEDA May conference in Edinburgh ( which is where by coincidence I am working this week, doing workshops for Edinburgh University on assessing large groups and inspiring teaching. My slides are here:  Assessing Large Groups (2) Inspiring Teaching (1)

Next week Phil and I are off to Luxembourg  for a variety of workshops (and of course a quick visit to the Christmas markets!).

Working in Wonderful Wales

15 Nov

Phil and I are delighted to be travelling to Wales together this week to work at the University of South Wales, to contribute to the launch in Wales of the Enterprise Toolkit launch with Emma Forouzan, and to attend the SEDA conference in Cardiff. My presentation for the Enterprise Toolkit launch is here, the link to the really useful toolkit is here and my workshop tasks and brief instruction to Boyer’s four scholarships (which underpins my workshops) are here. ETC Toolkit: Wales Launch (16)   Boyer's scholarships (10)  SEDA workshop tasks (9)

While here, I am also doing a bit of mentoring, looking forward to catching up with friends, making new contacts and hopefully getting into some water at the St David’s Hotel and Spa!

Talking about Teaching Excellence

4 Nov

Today and tomorrow I am again working at Anglia Ruskin University, supporting applicants for National Teaching Fellowships, and also building on my work with Margaret Price over the last couple of years on improving assessment. We were delighted in the 2015 NSS to see a marked improvement in scores relating to assessment and feedback at ARU, and now we are working with Erica Morris to develop a package of materials for cross institutional support in the same area.

Those of you interested in my recent work on the TEF might like to view the article in the Guardian for Tuesday in which I am quoted.  I thought Peter Scott, formerly  VC of Kingston University, wrote a particularly useful article on the same page.

Associating with National Teaching Fellows

2 Nov

Very excited today to be chairing my first Association of National Teaching Fellows Committee in a very foggy York where we have plenty to discuss and share including the new committee roles, the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) response and lots of other key matters.  We have been really heartened by the high levels of engagement by NTFs in discussing the responses to BIS on TEF. You can download a pdf of our response here: CANTF response to BIS re TEF (60)

Mae cael Diolch i chi i mi​

28 Oct

As my first commitment as a new Visiting Professor at the University of South Wales, I am working with PVC Ben Calvert and Haydn Blackey to run a one day workshop with senior staff to plan enhancements to learning, teaching and assessment across the university over the next academic year and beyond. I am really delighted to be asked to undertake this role, and look forward to meeting old friends and new colleagues over the next five years. My slides for today’s workshop are here: University of South Wales: Oct 2015 (42)

Professional recognition of teaching at Plymouth

18 Oct

This week I am spending an intensive week in Plymouth, helping colleagues across the University gain HEA Fellowships in the various categories from Associate Fellowship for their part-time and very new members of staff, up to Principal Fellowship, supporting the expert team who run the program at Plymouth University. My slides and the handout Phil and I prepared explaining the UKPSF and its 2015 edits, together with some questions that act as a checklist for Principal Fellows are here. UKPSF grid (122), UKPSF slides (111), Questions for PFHEA applicants (95).

I will also be drafting a response to the government consultation  on the TEF, for the Association of National Teaching Fellows, in my new role of Chair of the Committee of National Teaching Fellows.

​Bore da i chi​!

8 Oct

This week my work comprises mainly  home-based writing, reviewing and editing, but my big news is that I am delighted to have just been appointed a Visiting Professor of Learning, Teaching and Assessment Enhancement at the University of South Wales​.  Thank you  for inviting me to work with you! I will be working with senior colleagues there on 28th of October and then again on 18th November, when Phil and I will be helping to launch the Enhancing the Curriculum Toolkit to which we have contributed some ideas on supporting enterprising students. You can get to this Toolkit at this link:

Intensively catching up with a backlog

25 Sep

After a very busy time in the first part of September I am now benefiting from a few days at home to catch up with all the tasks I should have done over the last 3 weeks. We had an interesting time at the HEA Senior and Principal Fellows networking meeting for the North East in Newcastle last night and I find myself doing more academic writing than I had previously planned, particularly on the Teaching Excellence Framework and on learning gain, as well as a new book with Kay Sambell and Linda Graham. Oh and there is a lot of fruit in the garden waiting for me to make jam!

Sojourning in Spain

17 Sep

This week I am delighted to have participated in exploring the Doctoral thesis of Victoria Quesada at the University of Cadiz. Congratulations to Dr Quesada for a highly articulate, confident and convincing defence!

The end of the week is being spent in slightly rainy Santander for the international  conference on Formative and Shared assessment hosted by the University of Cantabria in Santander by the sea. I am keynoting on Saturday and my slides in English and Spanish are here. Keynote slides in English (61), Keynote slides en Espagnol (44). Thanks so much to my translator and colleagues of the Formative Assessment network of Spain for hosting me, and to Narcea Publications for displaying my three books translated into Spanish!

Lively week in Liverpool, Chelmsford and Cambridge

8 Sep

On Wednesday 9th, I am working at Liverpool John Moores University helping again with their Curriculum Refreshment project. My brief reminder slides on curriculum design essentials is here:  LJMU slides (49).

On Thursday 10th September I am giving a keynote at the IEE Conference on Entrepreneurial Education, being held at Anglia Ruskin University, winner of the THES Enterprise University of the Year,  in Chelmsford.  My slides are here: IEEC slides (77).

On Friday 11th September I am doing workshops for ARU on preparing candidates for National Teaching Fellowships in Chelmsford and Cambridge, the slides for which are here: ARU NTF slides (40).

Then after 8 hours in our house in Newcastle, Phil and I are off to Spain on Saturday so I can do a PhD viva in Cadiz, and Phil and I will both be presenting at a conference on Formative Assessment in Santander. Slides for this presentation in English and Spanish will be posted here next week. I’ve been taking extra Spanish lessons over the summer to ensure I conduct myself reasonably well in both contexts!

PS: Here’s a word document of the text of Jo Johnson’s speech on 9th September entitled ‘Higher Education: fulfilling our potential’ Text of Jo Johnson speech (43).