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​Mastering Postgraduate Employability and UKPSF Fellowships

12 Jul

This is my last busy week before things wind down a bit for me and Phil over the summer (but the grand-parenting keeps going all through, so will still be occupied!)

I am very pleased to be contributing on Tuesday and Wednesday a keynote and two workshops to Michelle Morgan’s groundbreaking HEFCE-funded project on Masters level Employability. It’s producing some really useful data which I am looking forward to hearing more about. Meanwhile my slides for the keynote are here: Kingston Keynote (21).

On Thursday I am again contributing to Nottingham Trent University’s target of getting all staff to achieve HEA Fellowships at the appropriate level. I again provide here the slides and handout Phil and I prepared to support the process which anyone is welcome to access and use. UKPSF grid (33), UKPSF slides (34), Questions for PFHEA applicants (11).

Over the summer my posts will be less frequent and I will be aiming to do some housekeeping on my website.  Do get in touch by email though if I can help with anything:

Learning with Liverpool John Moores and Leeds Beckett colleagues

7 Jul

As we head towards the slightly-less busy summer break, I am working at Liverpool John Moores University on Wednesday 8th July on their curriculum refreshment programme, specifically on assessment the slides for which are here. LJMU Assessment (55).
On Thursday and Friday, Phil and I are going to have great fun supporting Leeds Beckett colleagues on a writing retreat in York, where they are aiming to complete journal articles. Here are some of the handouts and slides we used. Dunleavy extracts (10), Phil's slides (7), Doing a PhD by publication (10), Getting published in Journals (8), PhD by Publication meeting notes (8), Writing informative abstracts (6), top tips etc (7), Research phrases explained (10). Some colleagues will be using them as part of PhDs by Published Works, expertly enabled by Dr Sue Smith who has written an excellent book on the topic published with Palgrave. If you are thinking of doing a PhD by this route buy one! It’s terrific!

Programme Refreshment and PhDs by Publication

30 Jun

On Tuesday 30th of June and Wednesday 1st July I am working at Liverpool John Moores University again to help them with a curriculum renewal project, firstly with Programme Leaders and secondly with programme teams. the slides I am using are here. LJMU Assessment (55), LJMU Curriculum (28). I am also helping set up a self help and co-mentoring group for colleagues at LJMU embarking on a PhD by Publication. Sarah Nixon and Barbara Walsh who worked with me and Phil in the Newcastle group on PhDs by Publication both have their Doctorates now and are ‘paying forward’ by setting up this group for their faculty colleagues.

On Thursday I am keynoting and running workshops at Bradford University’s Learning and Teaching conference, again focusing on Programme re-energisation, and the slides I use are here: Bradford slides (37).

With Granny duties on Monday and Friday, it looks like being a busy week!

Homing in on East Anglia

24 Jun

Today I am working at the University of East Anglia with senior colleagues on Principal and Senior Fellowships of the higher education academy   The slides and handout I am using here. I have family locally and spent much of my childhood so it’s great to be back in the region. UKPSF grid (33), UKPSF slides (34)

Engaging Students and Staff at the University of South Wales

18 Jun

It’s great to be back in Pontypridd to work with staff and student reps at the University of South Wales. I’ve been visiting  this campus for at least 25 years and it’s always interesting to see how institutions grow, merge, develop and flourish. It’s still a jolly steep walk from the bottom of the campus to the top however. I’ll be engaging with Conference participants throughout the day, starting with my keynote, the slides for which are here:   USW slides (27)

Planning ahead at Anglia Ruskin

12 Jun

Today I am at Anglia Ruskin’s Cambridge campus helping colleagues think ahead about National Teaching Fellowships in 2016 and beyond. My slides are here. ARU NTF June 12 2015 (17)
May I offer my heartiest congratulations to the NTFS cohort announced yesterday ( An amazing achievement and the start of fabulous new networking opportunities through the Association of National Teaching Fellows which for me is a wonderfully supportive network and community of practice!

Nottingham Trent means Business about HEA Fellowships

10 Jun

Today I am working again at NTU’s Business School where I am helping colleagues decide which level to go for and helping them make a good start on their applications  during the day. The slides and handout I am using are here.  Congratulations to senior staff who have got their Senior and Principal Fellowships already.UKPSF slides (38), grid (25)

Evidencing excellent teaching at ARU

3 Jun

I’m back today at Anglia Ruskin University helping colleagues to think ahead about future National Teaching Fellowship applications, just a week before this year’s results are officially announced. My slides for the session are here: ARU NTF June 2015 (28)

Communicating at Cork

21 May

With Phil, I’m working today at Cork Institute of Technology, doing two workshops on assessment, the slides for which are here: Cork Assessing groupwork (44), Cork Assessing large groups (41)
It is always a delight to work with Marese Bermingham and colleagues in Cork. We are here today on a flying visit before a long weekend with all our family in the Lakes, with our car at Manchester airport full of home baking.

What an exciting week!

10 May

The next five days look like being a great deal of fun. On Monday I will spend the day at the Royal Festival Hall, where my aunt Betty Anne Tribe was one of the architects (she designed the ladies toilets). photo (41)I am honoured to be receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Kingston University who hold their graduation ceremonies there.  Pictures will be tweeted!

On Tuesday I am doing some support work for London South Bank University and going to the theatre, before contributing to their whole staff conference on Wednesday. The slides for my workshop on engaging students will are here LSBU slides (44).

Then it’s straight off to Manchester for me and Phil  for two days of joyous networking and learning opportunities at the SEDA May conference in Manchester on International Higher Education, where I will be offering the final keynote on Friday. My slides will appear here at the end of the week. I’m a very lucky woman to have such a varied and interesting life. SEDA slides (29)